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Traditional thinking for building ventures evolves around short-term education/support and financial injections throughout their business lifecycle. Although it is well intended and designed, it’s not ‘one size fit all’ for every venture.
We need something different. Not just for the sake of it, but rather something which drives startups to grow better, faster, and further. One which builds around local values, culture, and the business ecosystem.
Therefore we are combining the traditional venture capital model with venture building capability. We work with the ventures. In fact, we consider ourselves part of the team.
Most of all, apart from building ventures, we also help build the community.

Our Venture Experiments

We Invest
We make direct investment into startups or acquire/transform existing business
We Co-create
We create flexible structure that enables managers to create ventures and become entrepreneurs
We Build
Sometimes we just can’t hold back and start building the venture ourselves

Our Community Experiments

We Teach
We design and deliver startup/innovation training programs
We Participate
We attend community events in different capacities
It is also our job to learn, re-learn and un-learn
We Advise
We are creating a new way of advising and mentoring startups