Part of the Team

Traditional thinking for building ventures evolves around short-term education/support and financial injections throughout their business lifecycle. Although it is well intended and designed, it’s not ‘one size fit all’ for every venture.

We need something different. Not just for the sake of it, but rather something which drives startups to venture better, faster, and further. One which builds around local values, culture, and the business ecosystem.

Therefore we are combining the traditional venture capital model with venture building capability. We work with the ventures. In fact, we are part of the team. Because we believe new ventures need more than just money and high level strategic advice.

The #43 Fellows

Felix Lam
Felix LamThe Gardener
Founding Fellow
Ada Yip
Ada YipThe Mechanic
Founding Fellow
Leroy Yau
Leroy YauThe Curator
Founding Fellow
James Boon
James BoonThe Storyteller
Founding Fellow
Arthur Chen
Arthur ChenThe Resource Developer

And yes, we do intend to have 43 fellows on our team:)

Interested in joining our #squad? Shoot us a message!